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DIY using blanks

Design Projects using blanks we sell. these are examples of what you can do with them.

Copy of Paradise_mockup_1

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Iron orchid design products, and DYI paints available here. 


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We are going to start offering Blanks on our site. These are laser cut designs that you can buy raw, and paint, stain, color how ever you want! We will have a sample for each item done, but you can make it your own.

Click on the DYI picture above, and you will see the finished product of the blanks we offer. You can purchase these blanks in the store. (At present the blanks are not for sale yet, trying to get this transition to strictly e-commerence, and I am working on offering those up for sale. In the mean time, you can call and pick the blank you want.

Laser cut products

We do custom engraving. I have made several cutting boards with wedding photos on them for that perfect gift! We can do photos, or engrave whatever it is you want to say.  We can engrave on wood, granite, stone, cork, leather (like a customized wallet).  Items need to be less that 2 inches tall. Pricing depends on size, material, and laser time.

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