New things going on around here!

as most of you know, we closed our Brick and Motar. It was just to much time away from family time, and we just didn’t have the time and expense to keep it going. But, we are still selling product online, and having classes, so check us out. We are in the middle of upgrading…

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Out With The Old And In With The New

Hi guys!Well we FINALLY closed out 2022! The good as well as the bad! Mostly good! Most of Christmas has left the building…EXCEPT ALL OF OUR CHRISTMAS AND FALL CANDLES! We are selling them all at 50% off. They are soy candles and all of them have a beautiful scent! So come in and check…

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Hello! Welcome to our Blog.

rocking horse

Well as we close out this year, we have some exciting stuff coming! Being a small business, where you only have a few employee’s doesn’t leave a lot of time always to do the things you wanted to get done. Now that Christmas is over, and the New Year almost here, My hope is to…

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