We’re Opening A New Store

Exciting News!!! Rustic but Elegant Home Décor and DIY is in the process of going web based only.  We loved our little store, but it was just not sustainable in this econamy. But we are planning some fun things with classes, products, and custom engraving.  We are offically closed from our Brick and Motar, but you can find us on facebook under Rustic but elegant, or contact me through email. I will have alot more crafting time now, so keep an eye out!

So excited! My website is finally up! It’s been a long time coming but it’s here!

First, a little about myself. My name is Cathy Maxville and all I am and everything I do is because of Jesus!!! He has gifted me with so many gifts and talents and I love Him with all my heart! He is my main reason for existing! I am also the owner and Designer of Designing with Friends DBA Rustic but Elegant. I am married to my sweetheart Rick, of going on 44 years. We have two kids and six grandkids who are the apple of our eyes!


So, a little history

I have always been drawn to anything art or design from as early as I can remember. As a child in kindergarten, I loved all the arts and craft projects we did (and I remember many of them). I remember I was so disappointed when I got to first grade and we had to do schoolwork like reading and writing and arithmetic. I loved the Arts, crafts and fun of kindergarten! In first grade I was so excited because we were actually going to draw a person. So, I made this big round circle and two round eyes and one round nose and two round nostrils and a smiley face and when I was all done with it I looked at it… And it was a pig! I remember I cried… I thought I was making such a beautiful piece of artwork LOL.

So, when I was in second grade, two girls came up to me and showed me their sketch pad of a hula girl they drew… she was so beautiful with long black hair and a big pink flower in her hair and from then on I was hooked… I drew Girls from second grade all the way up till present… I’ve painted them on my walls I’ve drawn them on fabric I’ve painted them on purses and on canvas and I continue to draw them and paint them till this day… My mom said since I was a young girl, every piece of schoolwork had shoes, eyes, hair and eyelashes etc. drawn up down and around every page!

Creative Calling

In high school, that was the main reason I went. I didn’t so much love all the academics, but I did like art, sports and socializing! I took two classes of ceramics each semester all through high school…(but I do have to confess I never did one piece on the wheel… I was too much of a perfectionist, it would start as a big vessel and end up as an ashtray… and even that I ended up throwing out, lol.) Hey, it’s real life and I have to give you the good with the bad and the ugly! Lol!!!

I had eight semesters of art in high school… I could not get enough of the creative. My high school art teacher believed in me so much, that she entrusted me with her Master Manual of Interior Design… It was such a treasure to me.


Rustic But Elegant

I have always really had an eye for all things color and design and also have a diploma in floral design. I do wedding, event planning and design as well as organizing and beautifying the Home. But my main specialty is Jesus… Bringing Him into all of my designs and endeavors. As long as He is in any home or life, it is a beautiful home and life! He makes all things beautiful! I guess I could say my purpose in my business is helping women build their life, brick by brick (or day by day or event by event and word by word) as talked about in proverbs 14:1. It talks about two women a “wise woman”, who builds her house and life on Jesus and His Word and the “foolish woman”, that tears down her family and life with her words and actions. In short, I would say that the purpose of my life and business, is helping women, bring beauty into every area of life. Starting with her family and then bringing beauty and worth to those around her… and when the beauty that’s within her flows out, it turns into all things beautiful, including her home and life. If I helped even one person bring that into their life… My purpose of life would be fulfilled.

I am just starting out, so I am sure clarity will increase every day that I do this. Please bear with me at first, as I learn how to navigate the waters of my new business. My greatest priority though, is to help and be a blessing to you all. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my page and hopefully I can in some way add value to you and help give you the tools to beautify your life!